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Candice Powers

Founder of Powers Purchasing

Location: Park Ridge, IL


In partnership with CVW Accounting

Outside Interiors

Allison Morgan

What a time saver! I would have had to hire at least one other person in house, if not two. I can trust that Candice and her team always have our best interest at heart. If a vendor or sales rep needs a little “nudge” or firm word, they do not hesitate to do so. In addition, Candice’s organizational skills are impeccable! All of the above allows me to go out and do my job without having to worry about this very large and important aspect of my business.

In partnership with CVW Accounting

Heather Peterson Design

Heather Peterson

Studio Designer is a very robust product, and while they offer great resources to train designers, there is really no substitution for having someone with expertise in Studio who can align it with your business. It's like bringing on a team member who can train YOU instead of the other way around!

In partnership with CVW Accounting

Campbell Minister DesiGN

Campbell Minister

You are the reason I am able to use Studio Designer! Without you I would be lost. I am able to focus on design, and know someone else has their eye on the very intricate details of ordering, tracking, and receiving my client's furniture!

CVW Accounting

Caroline Van Wassenhove

Powers Purchasing has a strong knowledge of both Studio Designer and industry best practices and also exhibits strong communication skills. We are able to go to the source for questions, which allows us to be more efficient and effective in our services.

Allison Jaffe Interior Design

Allison Jaffe

Their replies are prompt, organized and thorough, sometimes even catching things I didn't even know I needed. I have also appreciated how knowledgeable everyone is in using Studio Designer, again making our lives easier to deal with other important things in the company. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Candice and her team.

Melissa Mahoney Design House

Melissa Mahoney

Outsourcing all procurement needs to Powers Purchasing is a massive weight lifted for any firm that could use extra bandwidth to thoroughly enter, manage, and track orders. Weekly reports and correspondence with the Powers Purchasing team has helped me stay on top of our procurement scope via a high level summary, in lieu of being stuck in the details and inevitable trenches of the ordering process.

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